Outline Colour Festival



Outline Colour festival was created by a group of artists called Design Futura (DFA) or numerically 461.

Group was founded in Lodz city around 1998 by Slawomir Meisal Krysiak known as one of the best graffiti artists in Poland at that time. Meisal’s crew mates were: Top of the line graffiti artist Marcin Bary Barjasz and one of city’s finest turntablists Przemek Dj Goodstuffson Gustowski.Each member of the trio was already well known for their contributions to what still wasearly days for Hip-Hop culture in Poland. Around year 2000 another person has joined the group, a 17-year old Wojtek Paszkowski. Being passionate about photography, graffiti art and rap music, Paszkowski noticed the group’s great potential and quickly became the manager.

All the MOS festivals from years 2002-2007 were organized by Outline.pl in association with Lodz City Council which had granted honorary patronage and funding.

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