Design futura

Wojtek Paszkowski is an artistic director & producer of concerts and art exhibitions. Wojtek also has a lot of significant professional experiences as a co-ordinator of Outline Colour Festival. Paszkowski is a photographer, keen traveller & he made history by creating Poland’s first graffiti gallery hosted in post-industrial buildings of Pol-But in Lodz. He was also a manager of  ‘Design Futura (DFA)/461’ group. Wojtek is fascinated with art, graphic design & enthusiast of nature photography. He is also passionate about graffiti painting and enjoys rap, blues, jazz and house music.

Sławomir Kytod Krysiak aka Meisal is the founder of ‘Design Futura (DFA)/461’ group. Krysiak began his journey in 1995 as one of the first graffiti artists in Poland. One of two artists that created “BOAT” mural from 2001 which at the time was the biggest spray-painted mural in Europe. Krysiak was the Co-organiser of the Polish edition of Meeting of Styles, one of the creators of Outline Colour Festival & continues to be creatively active as a promotor of positive energy. Historically a fine artist, muralist & graffiti bomber in his youth days. Nowadays a tattooist & relentless champ at graffiti jams. For more info visit: PS. “With a smile on your face, Ignore the system”

Lukasz Olczak aka Loraz is the cultural animator with experience that has evolved from hip hop, spray can art & graphic design. Olczak is an IT expert passionate about innovation that is a visual result of merging art & technology. Focused on promoting the value & qualities that emerge from what’s widely known as urban art (music, visual art, design, fashion, sports etc.) Also, a core member of a muralist group ‘Design Futura (DFA)/461’ responsible for Outline Colour Festival. Olczak is one of two CEOS & a founder of Charisma Collective Foundation & a CEO of Lukatek – Cornwall’s Green IT Company in UK.